Arthrex Quickset™


Arthrex Quickset is a macroporous, resorbable and injectable bone substitute that can be used to fill bone voids that are not intrinsic to the stability of the bony structure and to fill surgically created osseous defects or traumatic injury to the bone.

Features and Benefits:

  • All-in-one device
  • Easy and fast
  • Closed mixing system
  • No heat-generating reaction
  • Injectable
  • Osteoconductive and fully resorbable
  • Radio-opaque

Design and Properties:

  • Dual-chambered syringe as mixing system
    containing a powder and liquid

    • Powder: mixture of calcium phosphates and an organic polysaccharide polymer
    • Liquid: sodium phosphate solution
  • End product after mixing: calcium-deficient apatite similar to the mineral phase of bone (biocompatible)
  • Global porosity of 70 % (24 hours after implantation)
    • Microporosity (<10 μm) 88 %
    • Mesoporosity (10-100 μm) 2 %
    • Macroporosity (>100 μm) 10 %
  • Mechanical compressive strength of 24 MPa (24 hours after implantation)
  • Excellent cohesiveness, which prevents wash out by biological fluids
Product description Item number
Arthrex Quickset, 5 cc ABS-3005-EH
Arthrex Quickset, 8 cc ABS-3008-EH
Arthrex Quickset, 16 cc ABS-3016-EH
Arthrex Quickset - MultiGun (a) ABS-3002-EH
Arthrex Quickset - Delivering gun (b) ABS-3001-EH


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