SynACART is a synthetic osteochondral cartilage plug for treating osteochondral defects in the elbow, shoulder, fetlock, hock, carpal joint and stifle. It is made from a biodurable polycarbonate urethane to overcome surface degradation and fusion molded onto a titanium meshed base to allow for bony ingrowth. This product allows for a quick repair of defects without worry about sufficient donor cartilage or donor site morbidity.

Product description Item number
SynACART, 8 mm x 8 mm (a) VAR-2500-08
SynACART, 10 mm x 8 mm VAR-2500-10
SynACART, 20 mm x 8 mm VAR-2500-20
SynACART, 25 mm x 8 mm VAR-2500-25
SynACART Instrument Case VAR-2500C
SynACART Cannulated Drill, 8 mm (b) VAR-2502-08DC
SynACART Cannulated Drill, 10 mm VAR-2502-10DC
SynACART Cannulated Drill, 20 mm VAR-2502-20DC
Product description Item number
SynACART Cannulated Drill, 25 mm VAR-2502-25DC
SynACART Guide, 8 mm (c) VAR-2503-08
SynACART Guide, 10 mm VAR-2503-10
SynACART Guide, 20 mm VAR-2503-20
SynACART Guide, 25 mm VAR-2503-25
SynACART Implant Holder, 8 mm VAR-2504-08
SynACART Implant Holder, 10 mm VAR-2504-10

MRI scan of osteochondritis dissecans lesion of the medial condyle of the canine stifle – the pervasive subchondral bone marrow lesion is often underestimated on standard radiography.


CT scan of osteochondritis dissecans lesion of the medial condyle of the canine stifle – documentation of the geographic extent of the lesion assists pre-operative planning.


CT scan postoperatively after placement of the SynACART implant for joint resurfacing – note the metallic base for osseous ingrowth and the reconstruction of the articular surface topography.


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