Meniscal Probes, Canine Stifle Distractors, Meniscal Knives


Meniscal Probes

The meniscal probes provide the surgeon with an excellent tool to assess the meniscus or soft tissue. A number of different sizes and lengths are offered for your convenience.

Product description Item number
Small hook probe, 71 mm shaft, 3.4 mm tip (a) VAR-30000
Graduated black probe, 1.5 mm tip length VAR-5021
Graduated black probe, 2.5 mm tip length (b) VAR-5007
Stainless steel probe, 125 mm shaft, 5.4 mm tip (c) VAR-10020

Canine Stifle Distractors

Meniscal tears are very common among CCL deficient dogs, so the respective examination is especially critical. Whatsoever, many tears go undetected due to lack of exposition. Arthrex developed an arthroscopically usable instrument which creates both subluxation and distraction, so both menisci can easily be examined without repositioning of the instrument. In short, it is a necessary tool for every surgeon dealing with CCL ruptures in the canine stifle.

Product description Item number
Stifle Distractor, Canine, 13 mm VAR-4010-13
Stifle Distractor, Canine, 20 mm VAR-4010-20
Stifle Distractor, Canine, 27 mm (e) VAR-4010-27

Meniscal Knives

The meniscal knives are great tools for dealing with meniscal tears or soft tissue resection. These precision-crafted knives are “must have” items. Offered are the Banana Knife, Hook Knife and Push Knife designs. A reusable handle also provides better gripping in wet environments.

Product description Item number
Banana Knife (f) VAR-5001
Push Knife, 3 mm (g) VAR-5003
Hook Knife (h) VAR-5005
Handle (i) VAR-5020


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