Probe Cutter, Suture Cutters


Probe Cutter

The probe cutter is an innovative 2in1 tool; the instrument has a bent up tip for meniscal defect detection, and in its cannulation, there slides a blade to allow for instant partial resection. Blade advancement is controlled via thumb handle and the integrated spring system eliminates the danger of accidental cutting and soft tissue harming by the blade during instrument insertion. Usable with one hand, the new probe cutter is the ideal tool for meniscus assessment and best used in conjunction with the stifle distractor.

Product description Item number
Probe Cutter Handle (a) VAR-4001
Probe Cutter Blade, qty. 5 (b) VAR-4000

Suture Cutters

The Suture Cutter’s precision jaws prevent knot cutting by leaving a length of reproducible suture tail, 3 mm for the 4.2 mm outer diameter cutter and 1 mm for the 2.75 mm outer diameter cutters, without direct visual control. These cutters have a special locking device to prevent premature suture cutting. The blunt tip of the cutter is excellent for knot pushing.

The open ended Suture Cutter was designed to speed up cutting which is done under direct visual control.

The FiberTape cutters were designed to cut two strands of FiberTape flush to the anchor site without direct visual control.

Product description Item number
Suture Cutter, 4.2 mm, straight (c) AR-12250
Suture Cutter, 4.2 mm w/WishBone Handle, straight AR-12250W
2-0 Suture Cutter, 2.75 mm, straight (d) VAR-11790
2-0 Suture Cutter, 2.75 mm, 15° up curve (e) VAR-11791
Suture Cutter, Open Ended, Left Notch (f) VAR-11794L
Suture Cutter, open ended, left notch w/WishBone Handle VAR-11794LW
FiberTape Cutter (g) AR-13250
FiberTape Cutter w/WishBone Handle AR-13250W


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