Suture Cutters & Scissors


No arthroscopy instrument line would be complete without top-of-the-line quality instruments like Suture Cutters and arthroscopic Scissors.

Product description Item number
Suture Cutter, open-ended, left notch (any suture size) (a) VAR-11794L
CrabClaw Knot Pusher / Suture Retriever (b) AR-12960
Scissor, straight, serrated, 3.4 mm shaft diameter (c) VAR-12140
For 2-0 suture only, meniscus repair
Suture Cutter, straight, 2.75 mm shaft diameter VAR-11790
Suture Cutter, 15˚ up curve VAR-11791
Suture Cutter, straight, 4.2 mm shaft diameter (d) AR-12250
Curved Scissor, right (e) VAR-12150
Curved Scissor, left, 3.4 mm shaft diameter VAR-12160


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