Hip Luxation


The extremely durable standard TightRope and Mini TightRope Systems make stabilizing hip luxations easier and reproducible with our toggle pins and FiberTape and FiberWire suture materials. The Femoral Aiming Guide ensures correct placement before drilling.

Dog Weight Implant Size Drill Bit Size
< 9 kg Mini TightRope 2.7 mm for the acetabulum and
2.0 mm for the femoral neck*
9 - 23 kg Mini TightRope 2.7 mm
> 23 kg Standard TightRope 3.5 mm

* VAR-2810 Femoral Aiming Guide

Product description Item number
TightRope CCL VAR-2800
Mini-TightRope CCL VAR-2801
Femoral Aiming Guide (a) VAR-2810
Cannulated Drill Bit, 3.5 mm (use with AR-8920P) VAR-8920DC
Cannulated Drill Bit, 2.7 mm (use with AR-8920P) VAR-8911DC
Cannulated Drill Bit, 2.0 mm (use with AR-8933K) (b) VAR-8933-20C
Guide wire for TightRope Syndesmosis Repair Kit, qty. 6 VAR-8920P
Guide wire (K-wire), 1.1 mm, qty. 6 (c) VAR-8933K
Suture Passing Wire, Nitinol, 20.32 cm VAR-1255-08
FiberWire Scissors VAR-11796
FiberWire Scissors, small AR-11797
Tensioner with Tensiometer VAR-1529


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