The TightRope CCL technique was developed to provide a minimally invasive method for extracapsular stabilization of the cranial cruciate ligament-deficient canine stifle. TightRope CCL seeks to optimize the lateral suture stabilization technique by employing bone-to-bone fixation, an implant with superior strength and stiffness designed specifically for ligament repair, and a method for consistent isometric implant placement.

As such, TightRope CCL can counteract cranial tibial thrust, drawer, and internal rotation while providing optimal joint range of motion.


  • Bone-to-bone fixation
  • Strength
  • Minimally invasive technique
  • Low profile implant
  • Potential for addressing all abnormal forces
Product description Item number
TightRope CCL (a) VAR-2800
Cannulated Drill Bit, 3.5 mm (use with VAR-2800) (b) VAR-8920DC
Mini TightRope (c) VAR-2801
Cannulated Drill Bit, 2.7 mm (use with VAR-2801) (d) VAR-8911DC
Guide wire for TightRope® Syndesmosis Repair Kit, qty. 6 VAR-8920P
Tensioner with Tensiometer VAR-1529
Femoral Aiming Guide VAR-2810
FiberWire Scissors VAR-11796


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