Titanium Anchors


The Corkscrew and FASTak Suture Anchors were designed to provide the highest strength possible in all types of indications and to make technically demanding procedures simpler, safer and reproducible. Built-in, easy-to-use features, such as laser lines on the driver shaft ensure that the anchor has been placed at an appropriate depth and the eyelet is lined up in the correct position to pass the suture in the right direction, are just a couple examples. Combined with the high strength characteristics and increased abrasion resistance of FiberWire, it gives the surgeon confidence during crucial knot tying stages where suture breakage is virtually eliminated.

Product description Item number
Suture Tensioner with Tensiometer VAR-1529
FiberWire Scissor VAR-11796
Corkscrew Suture Anchor w/# 5 FiberWire,
5 mm, qty. 5 (a)
FASTak Suture Anchor w/# 2 FiberWire,
2.8 mm, qty. 5 (b)
FASTak Suture Anchor, 2.8 mm, qty. 5 VAR-2201
Suture Passing Wire, Nitinol VAR-1255-08
Suture Button, 3.5 mm x 11 mm VAR-8920G
Cannulated Drill Bit, 2 mm VAR-8933-20C
Guide Wire (K-wire), 1.1 mm, qty. 6 VAR-8933K
Guide Wire (K-wire), 1.57 mm, qty. 6 VAR-8941K


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