Washer Disinfector Soil Test

Easy to mix, easy to use

Ref: 2304

10 Ready to use tests/box

The Browne Washer-Disinfector Test Soil is designed to simulate the soiling that naturally occurs during theatre use and performs in an equivalent manner to the Edinburgh soil.

The Browne Soil test presents the cleaning equipment with a physical challenge such as the cleaning efficacy tests described in ISO/TS 15883-5.

The Browne Soil Test is supplied in powder form as individual test pots. One pot, One test.


STF Load Check Indicator

Designed for use with each load. Why have only one surface when you can have four?

Ref: 2312

Load Check Indicator 25/box

Ref: 2315

Load Check Indicator 100/box

Ref: 2316

Load Check Holder 1/box

The Browne STF Load Check Indicator has been carefully designed to perform in an equivalent manner to ‘test soils’ by providing a realistic multiple challenge for the washerdisinfector machine.

Containing two sources of protein, lipids and polysaccharides the Browne STF Load Check Indicator mimics the cleaning efficacy soil tests for surgical instruments described in ISO/TS 15883-5(8), but without the mess and without the inconvenience. The Browne STF Load Check contains no blood products.


Ninhydrin Protein Detection
Kit: non-visual protein check

Safe and simple testing time after time

Ref: 2369

25 x ninhydrin reagent, 5 x arginine,
25 x swabs 25 x each +ve/-ve test labels

Ref: 2370

4 tests/box
Each test of the four tests contains:
1 x test vial*, 1 x positive control vial*
1 x negative control vial*, 1 x Arginine
vial for use in positive control test,
3 x sterile swabs
*contains ninhydrin reagent

Ref: 2378

Dispoclean Endoscope Cleaners –
Channel diameter 2.8 – 3.2mm
Green 50/bag

Ref: 2379

DispoClean Endoscope Cleaners –
Channel diameter 3.2 – 4.2mm
Yellow 50/bag

Ref: 2441

In accordance with
EN ISO 15883-1 standard

The Browne Ninhydrin Protein Detection Kit is simple to perform. After going through a washer-disinfector process, clean instruments are swabbed to pick up any non-visual proteins that may be present.


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