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Bio Monitors

Ref: 2232

100 units per box

Steam Processes 10

Ref: 2236

100 units per box

Steam Processes 10

Ref: 2233

100 units per box

Ethylene Oxide Processes

Browne Bio Monitors - conform to the US Pharmacopeia XXIII and AAMI / ANSI standards and ISO11138(9). Browne Bio Monitors contain a stated population of bacterial spores inoculated onto filter paper and placed inside a plastic culture tube. A crushable glass ampoule contains the culture medium for release after exposure to the sterilisation process.

Each box contains a certificate including; Culture collection number, Lot number, Expiry Date, Spore Population, Resistance data, Exposure in Biological Indicator Evaluation Resistometer (BIER).



Ref: 2241

Universal Power Pack

Triple Temperature Incubator 37ºC/57ºC or 60 ºC

Browne Triple Temperature Incubator 37ºC / 57ºC / 60ºC features 13 incubating cavities, an activation (crushing) cavity, power-on light and temperature selector switch. Please contact your Browne representative for order information.


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