Sterilisation - Helix Load Checks


TST Helix

Type B Steam Penetration Testing designed to monitor Steam Penetration into Lumen type devices

Ref: 3780

TST Helix and 250 indicators - 134˚C-137˚C for up to 3.5 minutes

Conforms to EN 867-5

The Browne TST Control Helix is a Hollow Load Process Challenge Device (PCD) and has been developed and validated for testing the air removal (steam penetration) capability of small Type B steam sterilisers.

Use in any other steriliser or with any other type of indicator, may give dangerously misleading results.


TST Load Check

Load control using TST control™ Technology giving you confidence to release the load

Ref: 3777

134˚C for 4 minutes/121˚C for 12 minutes

Ref: 3778

134˚C for 5.3 minutes/121˚C for 15 minutes

Ref: 3779

134˚C for 7 minutes/121˚C for 20 minutes

Ref: 3783

134˚C for 3.5 minutes

Load control devices are designed to act as a challenge to the steam penetration capability of the steriliser.


Formaldehyde Load Check

Low temperature process when high temperature steam cannot be used

Ref: 2445

Formaldehyde Load Check 200 Indicators

The Browne Formaldehyde Load Check uses the helix method as its barrier system, whereby formaldehyde has to penetrate down the helical tubing to reach the indicator.


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