Sterilisation - Sensor Sheet/Plain Cotton Sheets


Sensor Sheet

A calibrated sensor sheet with intelligent ink technology for use in standard towel pack

Ref: 2385

Sensor Sheet – 50 sheets/folder Conforms to ISO 11140-1 Class 2

The Browne Sensor Sheet is designed to detect failures where the temperature in the centre of a standard towel pack is 2˚C cooler than the chamber drain at the start of the sterilisation plateau when used in the standard towel pack (ref 9053) specified in EN285


Plain Cotton Sheets

For use in small load thermometric test and traditional Bowie Dick test

Ref: 9053

Plain Cotton Sheets – 36 sheets/box

Conforms to specifications given in EN 285

Bleached white cotton sheets

Size: 900mm x 1200mm

Warp: 30 +- 6 threads per cm

Weft: 27 +- 5 threads per cm


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