Euroklav 29 VS+

Euroklav 29 VS+



Fast, compact and "Class S"

  • With the 18ltr Euroklav 29 VS + MELAG offers an inexpensive alternative for clinics that use instruments and pouches that don’t require a "Class B" autoclave.
  • The Euroklav VS 29 + offers three "Class S" programs for the sterilisation of wrapped, simple hollow instruments (eg scissors, needle holders, clamps etc) and textiles, even if they are wrapped.
  • The powerful vacuum pump creates a simple pre-vacuum for the safe evacuation of air prior to sterilisation and for optimal drying of the instruments after sterilisation.
  • Sophisticated sensors and innovative microprocessor controls guarantee safe sterilisation by continuous monitoring of the key parameters like pressure and temperature.
  • This advanced design also allows versatile electronic documentation facilities to a practice network or via CF card or with the known matrix printer MELAprint42.
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