MELAtronic 15EN

MELAtronic 15EN



Now with drying for wrapped sterile goods

  • The MELAtronic 15EN+ is the successor to the globally successful MELAtronic 15EN, with the same features, but also with additional active drying.
  • It works in accordance with the fractional flow procedure and complies with the requirements of "Class S" autoclaves, namely with EN 13060. The microprocessor control unit runs the program mode completely automatically and at all times monitors safe sterilisation.
  • The display of the operating condition and advice on possible handling requirements by the user are shown on the display. Hence, its use is comfortable, and simple. The necessary recording takes place through a serial interface. The MELAtronic 15EN+ is the ideal autoclave. Its use is versatile and is not restricted to pedological practices. The top-quality stainless steel vessel, its safety devices and durable components ensure reliability for many years.


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