Vacuklav 43 B+

Vacuklav 43 B+



Large, Super fast 22L stand-alone model Steriliser

  • The powerful, patented air cooling is the Vacuklav 43 B + is the ideal device for all practices who want a fast, large and powerful autoclave. The larger chamber (45 cm) provides the capacity to sterilise longer tool sets, ideal for the busy practice who want to sterilise high volumes of instruments simultaneously in a short time.
  • The Vacuklav 43 B + fractionated pre-vacuum and drying has a patented air-cooling system that makes this autoclave a real "stand alone" model. Fill with water, plug it in to the power supply and its ready for use.
  • The revolutionary new operating concept allows easy, intuitive operation with the extra - large colour touch screen which allows the operator clear easy to use information and cycle options.
  • Particularly innovative is the integrated software which allows the tracking of each sterilized instrument. This is an additional security at no extra cost a feature greatly appreciated by the Dentists and doctors alike.
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