Vacuklav 44 B+

Vacuklav 44 B+



The Premium Super fast 22L with Watering Vacuum Pump

The Power House for the busy practice!

  • The increased sterilization (45 cm, volume 22 litres) and the water cooling of the vacuum pump make the ideal Vacuklav 44 B + Autoclave for all practices that want to sterilize large volumes of instruments in a short time.
  • Up to 7 kg of instruments in the "Quick B" program in record time of 20 minutes including fractionated pre-vacuum and drying!
  • This model can also sterilise up to a massive 1.5kg of wrapped (Textile) instruments.

  • The revolutionary new operating concept allows easy, intuitive operation with the extra - large colour touch screen which allows the operator clear easy to use information and cycle options.
  • Particularly innovative is the integrated software which allows the tracking of each sterilized instrument. This is an additional security at no extra cost a feature greatly appreciated by GP and doctors alike.
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