Vacuklav 24 B+ 22L

Vacuklav 24 B+ 22L



Mains Water Connection

Reliable and more space

  • The Vacuklav 24 B + is the reliable "Class B" - autoclave, the deeper interior, with its 10cm deeper chamber ( 45 cm, volume 22 litres) provides more space especially for larger clinics with instrument sets.

  • Like the Vacuklav 30 B +, the Vacuklav 24 B + has a powerful water-cooled vacuum pump and is therefore particularly suitable for clinics that intend to perform several consecutive sterilization cycles

  • No major installation work is required since the mains water connection is as easy as connecting a washing machine


  • The versatility of the documentation, easy operation and high reliability of the Vacuklav 24B + will be appreciated by all users.
Technical Data
Vacuklav 30B+ Vacuklav 31 B+ Vacuklav 24 B+ Vacuklav 31 B+
Tap water connection standalone tap water connection standalone
Chamber Size 35cm long x 25cm dia 45cm long x 25cm dia
Chamber Volume 18 Litres 22 Litres
Loading Quantity 5kg instruments
2kg textiles
5kg instruments
1.8kg textiles
7kg instruments
2.5kg textiles
5kg instruments
1.8kg textiles
(w x h x d)
42.5cm x 48.5cm x 57cm
feet of the unit fit on 50cm tabletop
42.5cm x 48.5cm x 66cm
feet of the unit fit on 60cm tabletop
42.5cm x 48.5cm x 72cm
feet of the unit fit on 60cm tabletop
Weight 44kg 44kg 49kg 48kg
Power Supply 230V / 50Hz 230V / 50Hz
Power Consumption 2.500 Watt 2.500 Watt


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