SwiveLock® Anchor System

Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy

with Internal Brace™ Ligament Augmentation


A tibial plateau leveling osteotomy (TPLO) is performed with or without a standard TPLO jig and an appropriately sized saw blade. The osteotomy is secured using a Kerschner wire (K-wire) placed across the tibial tuberosity.

Asset 2@2x

To properly align the TPLO plate, the proximal screw holes are placed in the center of the proximal fragment. The distal portion of the plate is placed in the center of the distal fragment and the laser lines are aligned with the osteotomy.

Asset 3@2x

After placing the plate in the center of the proximal fragment, the proximal K-wire is inserted.

Asset 4@2x

After aligning the plate with the tibial diaphysis, the distal K-wire is inserted to secure the plate.

Asset 5@2x

A cortex screw is inserted in compression position. This screw should be left slightly loose, but in contact with the plate. Use drill guide and appropriate drill bit to drill hole in the compression position.

Asset 6@2x

The Locking Drill Guide is used to drill the hole and to measure its depth to the appropriate length. A depth gauge is used to gain a more accurate measurement.

Asset 7@2x

The Locking Screws are placed in the proximal fragment.

Asset 8@2x

After removing the distal K-wire, the compression screw is tightened by hand.

Asset 9@2x

After tightening the compression cortical screw, the Locking Screws are inserted in the distal holes and the jig is removed.

Asset 10@2x

After all screws are placed, make sure all are tightened by hand with screwdriver and the K-wire is removed.

Asset 11@2x

The caudal aspect of the lateral femoral condyle is exposed. Drill holes for SwiveLock® anchor using the appropriate size bit.

Asset 12@2x

Tap the lateral femoral drill hole for Swivelock using appropriate size tap to create threads for anchor to be inserted.


After exposing the tibial tunnel starting point behind the LDE groove, the tip of the aiming guide is placed in the suture hole of the plate and drill guide sleeve is cinched into place to secure drill guide to tibia. Drill 0.049” K-wire for tibial tunnel, lateral to medial, making sure K-wire exits near open hole in TPLO Plate. Remove Drill Guide after properly placing K-wire.

Asset 14@2x

After placing the 0.049” K-wire, a 2.5 mm cannulated drill bit is used to create the tunnel.


The 2.0 mm FiberTape® suture is looped through the suture hole on TPLO Plate and shuttled through the tibial tunnel using the nitinol suture passer.

Asset 16@2x

Pull both limbs of the FiberTape suture taut and lay over the predrilled hole in femur. With marking pen, mark the location of the center of the hole on the FiberTape suture (inset).

Asset 171@2x

Slide eyelet of anchor over mark created in Step 16. Pull both limbs of FiberTape suture up shaft of SwiveLock® anchor and mark the location of laser line on suture.

Asset 17@2x

Move the eyelet to the mark on the FiberTape suture created in Step 17 and advance the anchor and suture into the F2 tunnel. If necessary, use a mallet to advance the eyelet into the tunnel until the tip of the anchor is at the entrance of the femoral hole.

Asset 19@2x

If the joint is secure, advance the anchor fully into the tunnel. Unwind the #2 suture around the handle of the inserter and pull the driver out of the anchor. Cut the excess suture flush at the anchor. Remove #2 suture by pulling on 1 strand.



Cranial view.


Medial view.

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